Friday, November 13, 2009

Where's the food

It's a Friday. I have no class. I don't have a car and there's no food at my house. Well technically, there is food but you have to thaw it the cook it. I don't have that kind of time. There is a ton of cheese and meat but no bread. I hate it we do not have things that match like having Kool aid without sugar and have to chew gum while you drink it. Although we do have tortilla chips and I can use the cheese and meat and make awesome nachos! but I had had cheese fries for lunch, I don't want any cheese...we do have popcorn and we bought the butter flavor powder...*grabs popcorn, pops it, shake powder it.* Oh yeah lets do this *nom nom nom*...FAIL.  flash back **** you should try this marinara sauce in the nachos. *try it* HEAVEN... food crisis is over.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twlight Parodies my Favorite!

These videos will make you giggle or chuckle if you're a guy.

Courtesy of nigahiga

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Lately I have not been active in my blog. To be honest I am not so trilled to create my fabulous entries. The reason behind this is very FEW people have been replying to my blog. I asks DarkPanic to read my post on my divorce from Kieran (asshole) who does not want to read it because "It deals with Fable" yet wants ME to READ and COMMENT on her blog. I say FUCK that shit, DarkPanic I am not reading and commenting on your blog until you read Fable II Day 6. Look I was kind enough to give out the link.

Today I ask my mom has she talk to dad about the sleepover. She said no but she will everyone cross you fingers and wish me luck!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spirits and Sleepovers

It seems that Dark Panic (I tend change the way its spelled because I forget) wants to have a sleep over in a few weeks. Now you all know how my mom is when is come to sleep overs. Review: She hates them. Now I think I can manage going if I raise the issue into a family discussion. My sisters and brother will input the fact she lets my brother do more than me and I'm older. Maybe just maybe a tiny  spec of hope that this method will work.

Now at the sleepover DarkPanic wants to play a wedgie weegie board. WTF DarkPanic! Do you not know what happens when you mess with those things! All Hell breaks loose. I need to ask her how many of the non white females are invited. I have to know this because women of the darker complection die first or are the only ones to die in this situation. Now I am of this category so i would like to know how many so i can calculate my slim chance of survival. Yesturday Oblivousditz finds out about this but thinks its cool. Am I the ONLY one who knows the equaltion and freaking out about it? No Laptopnamer agrees with me on this one. (Thank You).

Today I am giving her the RULES we HAVE to FOLLOW when shit hits the fan:
  1. I will not enter a room FIRST.
  2. I will not enter a room LAST.
  3. I will not investigate any suspicious noises or go looking for a fuse box.
  4. And you will not, under any circumstances, leave me by myself without a weapon of some sort.
~ Burton 'Gus' Guster (Psych) paranoia

Fable II Day 7? part 1

*Contains spoilers*

Right now at this point in time I am not in good terms with Fable II. Ever since Kieran divorced me things have been going down hill. Not only does my daughter believe I am scary but hates it when I give her a thumbs up. I am tired of people following me around town. Its hard for me to get this one guy scared of me to give me a gift with having them believe I am scary or evil. Why are they following me to my house! I did not invite you get the hell out! BTY the crib is next to my bed so the baby is there when you have sex, I thought you should know that tid bit. To top that all of when I choose an new person to marry, I get married to the wrong man! How does that happen? I'll tell you.. I told whats-his-face to follow me and a dash to the other side of the town to propose. as I am trying to rise his love you me, a crowd follows so I lock on to him and propose and (i checked the name I know its right) marry me to this OLD RANDY RUDE JACKASS but he is rich...

I'll like fuck it man I'm just going to complete some missions a avoid coming back to Bowerstone. Guess what he is still engaged to me. I insult him and he likes it. WTF.

I finally do a mission with Hammer to travel to Westcliff and enter in a tornament (forgot the name). After we pass the sorry ass bandits...they throw a curve ball and have these anorexic werewolves. Another mission about a kid captured in a cave. Those wolves kicked my ass in that mission. After that Westcliff basicly a camp for bandits.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friend Issues

Okay I'm going to introduce another friend to everyone.
Obviousditz, everyone.
Eveyone, Obviousditz.

Obviousditz and I have been friends since 7th grade. Tis a great friends but her faults have been getting on my nerves. I have talk to her of these faults (I will expalin in a moment). However it seems her efforts to stop this annoying and...very...uncool? defects are less aparent. Okay Obviousditz has a tendency to do things with out asking that require it. She also does not know the difference between talk in confidece and a group discussion.

For example when people show off their work to her or if I will, she will quickly run off to other people to see this work without asking. It seems like a minor issue but sometimes you just want to show this to her or want her opinon on it. I just want to be ask first. I told her "You have to ask people if its okayfor others to see it. (has bad memory).

She says she get caught up in the awesomeness and wants others to see it.

I say "Bull Shit!"

Now this issues is the creame of the cream of my problems. When I tell her my opinon on stuff like today when say in a lower voice than usual "It would be funny if the kid went to ManlyMouseShoes and said 'Daddy'" (when I say funny I usaually mean messed up. This counts). ManlyMouseShoes asmits he would kick the child in to face. She starts to bring up the issue with the mother of the child. Or when I'm writing a story and i want her opinion on a topic I know she nows more than I do. She will help me but then will tell EVERYONE about my story and give away major spoilers. (Does not know how t oexplain things with excerts. has to give away every detail. Then goes around and away from topic then anwser the question).

I am surrounded by perverts. ManlyMouseShoes wants to buy a Playboy of Marge on the cover and Obviousditz agrees...well thinks its awesome.

Fable II Day 6

*Contains possible spoilers*

*Mature content*

Yesturday I played Fable II and you will not believe this bullshit! Keiran decides to divorse my ass. I get 100 evil, apparently you get more evil point from divorse than killing your spouse. Mary is put into child sevices and I'm stuck with my devil child Becky. I just started the game and this mother fucker divorse me! I'm providing all of the Damn money in this relationship. I even bought another house which cost me $13000! I tried to move us in and we get married twice! When I had a free house for the ofucking Demon Door at Oakfield. I bought expensive funiture for the house. When he wants sex (in the family tab it lets you know when you spouse wants sex) and I give it to him. (He enjoys it a lot) I visit almost every two or three days. Why people why would he devorse me! Does he love me? YES. Does he think I'm attractive?  Hell Yes (complements my clothes all the time). Funny? Sometimes...

My characacter has a variety of admirerors. Just about every man a woman in each town or camp I've vistied wants me. I am Celebrated in Brownstone, Oakfield, and Old Brown Town and Famous at the Gypsy Camp. You know what forget him! I should have married Adam (the guy who killed himself when I gave him the regetion note). I can find someone else. However all the other middle class guys are OLD, demanding, jerks or gay. This sucks.

It does not help that I my demon daughter thinks I'm scary. I am at a lost I try to change my clothes and into nicer clothes and she thinks I scary. I do the chicken expression, she laughs but still thinks its scary...I learned bought an new expression Sock poppet! The people here think its hilarious. So I try that had it helps but she still thinks I'm scary. I also learned the finger which I have yet to use.

So the bounty hunter job is open and I complete a job the next job I accidently use my blade spell on a person because I forgot that pressing the same button closes things but I press B. A bell rings I ignore it because I need to kill some beeltes in a persons cellar. After I do that a guard runs to me and says "I got you now." I'm like what for? Apparently the means I'm being chaced by the guards...I thought it was for the beetles on the lose. WTF.  I have the option to pay a fine, community sevice, or resist arrest. Community service is what I choose I have to kill some beetles. Not cool.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh well

Sooooo Darkpanic believes my mother does not like her because she will not allow me to come over to her house. My mom wants us to meet at a public library instead of my house. (for some odd reasonm our wireless router is not working). However my mom is a causious and paranoid person when it comes to me. She is okay with my brother haging out at his friends houses for hours at a time but with me who asks days in advance have to be intergated. You maybe thinking that my friends could be hoolins. In hight school my friends are all on the honor sometimes the princple's List (All As), no dicplenmnary record, don't drink or smoke, have common sense (execption for a few) and repecrful. I want to know why my brither is getting special treatment in this issue. Well my brother does talk about his friends a lot infront of my parents...I do not because they would think their jokes are inaporperate or don't get it.

I want to confront my mom on it but I...uh...convert to my old habbit of shuting up and letting the subject die. I hate it when I do that!  Ugh it never helps me because I then have all this bent up issues that need to the burst out. sigh uncool

Fable II Day 5

Okay it is Fable time!

*Contains possible spoilers*

So I did some research on my current Marital problems in the game. The forums say that Fable II suffers several glitches on marriage. I also now know that my children will grow up after I complete some missions. Alright boefore I do that I bought the jewelry vender propety and some blacksmithing. Then I went back to the temple of light. The Abbot wants me to escort his daughter (Darkpanic says I suppport Breast cancer...wait Breast Cancer awareness) in a cave to get a vase of holy water. I meet his daughter (forgot her name) who is singing.  It took me ahile to figure out that I need to walk arcoss the rock fense. After she finishes we enter the cave and she will not shut up! then when we travel to the center there are three doors where the water is collected. First gate we see lights at the ceiling and she like aren't they preety they say they use to be lost souls...I think Ah hell...those souls are going to turn on us when we get back. And they do. I defeat then and go through the second with no problems however the third. I took them out and they decide to throw me a curve ball and have a HEADLESS hollw man WTF.  That thing was kickin my ass but I won in the end. When get there apparently this bandit...bad...evil thing is attcking the Abbot. The girl runs off to he father evil amn kills him she kills the bandit cries. Have funeral and get 1000 renown and an ally she now changed her name to the Hammer.

After that I do some wood cutting (no other jobs available). Vistit Keiran and accidenlty have another baby her names Becky and she hates me...Then I do aother mission where I have to fight more hollow men becasue the two idiots decide it would be cool to raise the dead. Things get out of hand and I clean things up...Do anything main mission and watch a man die becasue fire in the way. BARTENDING  job is open I try it and its boring but very easy. If you mess up you have th pay for it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fable 2 Day 4

So Yesturday I begain to play Fable 2 again (At this point I am addicted) Contains possible spoilers
I feelin for this guy named Kerian right and at this point I have the desire to marry the him and have kids. I know its early in the game to start a family but i WANT TOO.  So I worked as a blacksmith to earn enough case to get us very comfortable. Then I decided to do a mission to avenge a lost soul. Okay there's this girl who fell in love with this guy who broke her heart. She kills herself and wants ME to make him fall in love with me a break his heart. She gives me the expression seduction, wedding bells book and a rejection letter. So I go back to Bowerstone to do the mission. I talk to the guy and he's not much of a talker. When he falls in love with me...I find out that he was going to marry her but he thought they were too young so he skips out of the wedding. He feels guilty for causing her to die, does not believe he deserves to love again until he meets me. I'm like awwwwe. Then pops up on the screen give him the rejection letter or throw the letter away and marry him.  O.O-my I'm panicking- I don't want to break the guys heart now that I know what happen but I don't want to marry him. I want to marry Keiran. So I did what the ghost told me to do, gave him the rejection letter. He runs off...I meet up with the ghost finds out he killed himself. They talk and when it seems like they are going to be together...the guy recognizes me, figures out it was her plan, runs off agin. I get the reputation of breaking people's hearts and enjoying it. 10 evil and 100 renown. That's just great.

Now I'm pissed and I don't feel like doing any missions so I work until I have $10,000+ and I marry Keiran and we live in Oakfield we have a daughter her name's Mary (automatic name from game too lazy to change it). I tried to move but somehow i am married to Kieran twice and got the bigamy achievement. So I moved him back to Oakfield until I can fix this.

I finally got to level 5 on Blacksmithing and got an achievement. Woodchoppinig until a new job opens up ugh...when will the bartending job open. I'm realize I had a bunch of potions that increase my skill, will, and power ( I had these for a while now and I never used them until now. I ugraded my health, and I'm trailing on foot more and running into Bandits. I bought a gun and the hammer I got from my serenty farm house is badass. Strike these fools twice and their dead. I got the blades spell. Magical blades are awesome.

I now have $13,000+ and I boutght some shops my goal is to rent out all of the gypsy camp property where I am celebrated own an inn. Then get the bartending job. WHEN WILL IT APPEAR!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fable II-Day 3 Finding love

*May Contain Spoilers*

I mean it!

Since I cannot go anywhere form Oakfield I talk to the bridge builder. Apparently a gang of Bandits (again, Dammit!) have control of the bridge and its up to be to get ride of them. When I finally get to them and fight automatically starts. They have guns and swords...I have a mallet, crossbow, mmmaaagic and Avani. Guess who wins I do! Where's their leader? Figures he ran other side of the river. "My names Dash you caun't catch me cause I'm the fastest man in the world." *runs* son of a...get treasure from build then I run after him. I'm barded by more groups of his minions (I used my mallet and magic to get rid of them) When I finally get to him he is no a long stone bragging "Your stupid dog can't" *shoots crossbow* Dash dies. I get the chess behind him Bandit clothes!

I go back to the builder finish mission. Bridge is fix and I can get out of here. I go to the gypsy camp and I rent out sleeping quarters. Then back to Bowerstone. I do a few mission and I work as a black smith for money at night. then I flirted with a few men...and I really like Kieran Househusband. He's  middle class (bottom picture) brave...and...uh something else. I don't want a poor man look a the picture below. A rich man wants the most attention. A merchant will be the most useful but I only met one. What to do. I'm going to wait until I have more money right now I have $8,000+ I want over $30,000.

Fable II-Day 2 part 2

I know you will notice the background change. Well it seems my post comment link is not working so I changed it until I fix it. *spoiler?* Okay kids let's talk about Fable II! Now where was I...condoms, I bought condoms, checked the clothes...bought nothing. I followed the trail to large beetles. My dog can fight now. I went back to town to impress towns people with thumbs up, heroic pose, whistle, and the ever so funny fart. I went back to the trail to the Temple of Light where the Abbot does not trust me. What's up with that! I'm a reliable person my heroin is a reliable woman (expect for that one time I was posing for this sculptor...). Now I have to do a bunch of good deeds. This sucks! I tried to transports myself back to Bowerstone but the bridge is out and I'm stuck in this farm town.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fable II-Day 2 part 1

Now onto a happier note Fable II! *spoilers* Yesturday I played Fable II. The lass thing I was about to fight a group of bandits...I SURVIVED, oh yeah, I didn't die. When I fought them their leader kicked Avani and sent her flying! Can you believe that asshole kicked my Avani!? I took out my crossbow and I shoot my several times while charging at me before he swung (I advise you invest in toughness and a spell) I tried to block instead I got hit in the face. So I thought well maybe blocking does not work on this guy which would seem odd for the first boss to have a ability like that because usually the first boss is relatively easy and has zero special abilities. I did not noticed that you have to purchase the block ability only after I defeated him. After that Bowerstoneis open to everyone!

Here is the market place where you can buy clothes, food, beer, jewelry, weapons, books, furniture, potion, hairstyles, make up, and dyes.

The blacksmithing job opens up so I try it out and its not fun you have fo hit the hammer fie times to make ONE sword. If you want time to pass bye I suggest you do this job. It took me two days in game time to figure out I had to talk to the blacksmith to buy weapons. Who would have thought that! I bought...a ...KATANA and a MALLET. Then I bought some clothes and gambled at the bar which I owe $314. I changed my hair to pigtails, hated it went back to ponytail. Then I found treasure bought books for Avani and me. Then I continued on my mission. Entered my hometown on the way which has vastly improved. Thanks to me *bows*. I moved on the bridge is broken so I had to dive hundred of feet into the river, swam ashore where his man's child is lost in Hobbes Cave where I had to fight you guessed it Hobbes.

Once I got out of there I made it into the next town. Unfortunately the shops just closed so I did the wood chopping job which sucks. (I do not want to get into detail...just don't do it). When morning arrived the shops opened and I went to the tailer who sold condoms. I forgot those are in the game, so I bought some. You can never be too careful.

Inner Demons part 2

Back to depressing thoughts this time so... I will begin where I believe this paranoia originated.

In middle school people laughed at me. I walked staring at the ground and, wore kind of boring clothes, quite and fat. At first I did not notice the cause of their laughter was me. I thought it was a coincidence. Until I pass two boys in the hallway, after I dropped off a note in the office for a teacher. One said, " this boy likes you." The accused boy looks at me politely for a moment I stare back unaffected, "Hey man that not funny don't play like that. I'm sorry for what he said to you. I don't like you that way. I don't know you." the boy said politely. "That's okay." is all I said as I pass them. From then on I began to see the world and people differently, negatively.

One seceret fcasing (I forgot what that means now, sigh) after another murder on the news, I lost faith in myself and the people around me. I noticed parts of my body I never notice or cared before. It bothered me to see the "love handles" (Do people honestly believe that sounds better?...lurv fat?). I ignored these problems, still am, and further numb myself with my books ,artwork, and friends. I never had a boy tell me I'm pretty.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fable II-Day 1

(The one in pink shirt is what she looks like as a child)

Yesterday I began to play a game I borrowed which is in the title...sooo I have to say that I'm starting to like the game. I choose a girl since Ima girl why not and you did not have that option in the first one. (I played that one but I got stuck so I let my brother help me and he took over after that). If you do not know what Fable 2 Fable II ( that looks better) well it is in a uh adventure RPG (role-playing game) where you make decision that effect the course of the game. Like Good and Evil have brutal strength use magic, get married have kids, get married again to someone else because you hate your spouse and you child is a dumb ass. The dark side is tempting but I know in reality I will be on the good side.

(Not her, game artwork, but what I want her to look like this)

Right now I just finished the childhood stage where I got shot out of a window of a castle (some how manage to survive). Remember kids never ever ever EVER go into a castle in the dead of the night and your dog is barking at the man who is to lead you there, you will get shot and thrown out of a window.  I also completed I think 2 missions (Had to stop because family wanted to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta ugh). Apparently a merchant is in love with my character have yet to decide if I want to marry that guy later on in the game. OMG How could I FORGET  my dog companion which I named Avani- earth (meaning if you did not know). I have obtain the power of force push (cheapest spell and original I must add). My brother thinks George Lucas should sue. And upgraded my toughness-health. My current mission involves me to kill a Bandit leader. Before that I was in a cave killing large beetles, CAN'T teach Avani to FIGHT yet but she can FIND TREASURE and FETCH.

What a huge gap! I go from killing beetles with my rusted longsword (I want a katana) and rusted crossbow (eh I can live with that but a blunderbuss would be cool) to killing Bandits terrorizing the towns people. And I just started the game...I'm gonna die.

I'm an Adult!

I realize ther are sveeral things I do not like about myself:
   1. My weight 200+ lbs (Must not eat donumts in purse...but they look sooo delicious)
   3.Horrid spelling and grammar
   4. I tend to allow myself to settle when I am arguing with someone. When someone has a different opnion of me than mine, I will quickly change the arguement in their favor or never go further into it. For the sack of ending the arguement. (Which has excallated insecuries but I ignore them) For intance, Dark Panic and I decided we should discuss our story over the weekend. Dark Panic sugesst I sleep over at her house.

Here's the thing abou tmy mom. She HATES sleep overs ( I think she went to one when she was younger and it ended badly). However she let my brother hangout with at his friends house at late hours of the night. She even askd me once if I was okay with him staing over. i have never gone to a sleepover because of this insane hate of sleepovers. Even when I was invaitd by the daughter of one of my Mothers best firends, she would not let me go. As I got older  my frineds invited me to the movies and their birthday parites. I asked her two days before hand, she interogates me. One time she even told me "just because your friends get to go plaes doesn't mean you have to!" I rarely got invited to places because I always had to say no. My brother ask on the DAY OF she say yes. that is BULL SHIT you know what I do...nothing 

Now  I bring the idea up with my mom, who wil have to drive me, can't drive at the moment, says no. My Mommie knows Dark Panic, she is okay with her droping me off at home but I cannot go over to her house.

So the next day I tell Dark Panic this who suggests I bring up the issue adn say Mom I am an adult and you cannot treat me like I'm a childe...(Warning: do not know that the end result will not help the situation). Later that day I bring up the issue in a very diferent and more respectful way:

Me: Mom why won't you allow me to go to aname's house?

Mom: Nita I like o be causious...she lives in another county, I have not heard anything nice about that county.  If you are going I have to be there.

You know she does that acutally, when I was invited to a birthday party...she would go except for this one time, o when I went to the library for meetings on projects or clubs, guess who mom! 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inner Demons part 1

I hate people always have.They have such a self-righteous and dumb ass attitude that deserves a punch in the face. I can not walk pass people with out feeling paranoid. This occurred to me a while back when I was walking pass a group that apart of their laughter is about me. I decided to change my usual route that day to cut time. I take that route because I HATE walking pass (wow I'm using pass a lot...maybe I should use a thesaurus) people. I become paranoid whenever I pass the first second and third time if they do not laugh or become silent when I arrive.

That day I walk and there are more people than I expected. I went to enter the building on my usual route but there are two guys at the door so I go the short way. There they were all grouped together laughing then I walk pass and I see a girl with gray eye with a hint of green. I rarely have the chance to meet people with those eyes so I stare at them. Then she makes this joke that i stared at her because she was about to laugh. Them her cronies laugh. I am disappointed and hurt by my fellow shades.

Well that concludes part one of Inner Demons I hope you like my first blog. Even though it is an unhappy one. I was going to put to an introduction but that's too much work.