Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fable II-Day 2 part 2

I know you will notice the background change. Well it seems my post comment link is not working so I changed it until I fix it. *spoiler?* Okay kids let's talk about Fable II! Now where was I...condoms, I bought condoms, checked the clothes...bought nothing. I followed the trail to large beetles. My dog can fight now. I went back to town to impress towns people with thumbs up, heroic pose, whistle, and the ever so funny fart. I went back to the trail to the Temple of Light where the Abbot does not trust me. What's up with that! I'm a reliable person my heroin is a reliable woman (expect for that one time I was posing for this sculptor...). Now I have to do a bunch of good deeds. This sucks! I tried to transports myself back to Bowerstone but the bridge is out and I'm stuck in this farm town.