Monday, October 19, 2009

Fable 2 Day 4

So Yesturday I begain to play Fable 2 again (At this point I am addicted) Contains possible spoilers
I feelin for this guy named Kerian right and at this point I have the desire to marry the him and have kids. I know its early in the game to start a family but i WANT TOO.  So I worked as a blacksmith to earn enough case to get us very comfortable. Then I decided to do a mission to avenge a lost soul. Okay there's this girl who fell in love with this guy who broke her heart. She kills herself and wants ME to make him fall in love with me a break his heart. She gives me the expression seduction, wedding bells book and a rejection letter. So I go back to Bowerstone to do the mission. I talk to the guy and he's not much of a talker. When he falls in love with me...I find out that he was going to marry her but he thought they were too young so he skips out of the wedding. He feels guilty for causing her to die, does not believe he deserves to love again until he meets me. I'm like awwwwe. Then pops up on the screen give him the rejection letter or throw the letter away and marry him.  O.O-my I'm panicking- I don't want to break the guys heart now that I know what happen but I don't want to marry him. I want to marry Keiran. So I did what the ghost told me to do, gave him the rejection letter. He runs off...I meet up with the ghost finds out he killed himself. They talk and when it seems like they are going to be together...the guy recognizes me, figures out it was her plan, runs off agin. I get the reputation of breaking people's hearts and enjoying it. 10 evil and 100 renown. That's just great.

Now I'm pissed and I don't feel like doing any missions so I work until I have $10,000+ and I marry Keiran and we live in Oakfield we have a daughter her name's Mary (automatic name from game too lazy to change it). I tried to move but somehow i am married to Kieran twice and got the bigamy achievement. So I moved him back to Oakfield until I can fix this.

I finally got to level 5 on Blacksmithing and got an achievement. Woodchoppinig until a new job opens up ugh...when will the bartending job open. I'm realize I had a bunch of potions that increase my skill, will, and power ( I had these for a while now and I never used them until now. I ugraded my health, and I'm trailing on foot more and running into Bandits. I bought a gun and the hammer I got from my serenty farm house is badass. Strike these fools twice and their dead. I got the blades spell. Magical blades are awesome.

I now have $13,000+ and I boutght some shops my goal is to rent out all of the gypsy camp property where I am celebrated own an inn. Then get the bartending job. WHEN WILL IT APPEAR!


the cupcakes said...

FABLE is addicting.

I just have the first one and the Lost Chapters.

I wanna play the second one! I need to sneak over to your humble aboad to take part in the Fable-ness of AWESOME.

CynicalNitakins said...

Yes we mustdo that one day and we can play coop. I will love to introduce you to my heroine and Avani.