Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friend Issues

Okay I'm going to introduce another friend to everyone.
Obviousditz, everyone.
Eveyone, Obviousditz.

Obviousditz and I have been friends since 7th grade. Tis a great friends but her faults have been getting on my nerves. I have talk to her of these faults (I will expalin in a moment). However it seems her efforts to stop this annoying and...very...uncool? defects are less aparent. Okay Obviousditz has a tendency to do things with out asking that require it. She also does not know the difference between talk in confidece and a group discussion.

For example when people show off their work to her or if I will, she will quickly run off to other people to see this work without asking. It seems like a minor issue but sometimes you just want to show this to her or want her opinon on it. I just want to be ask first. I told her "You have to ask people if its okayfor others to see it. (has bad memory).

She says she get caught up in the awesomeness and wants others to see it.

I say "Bull Shit!"

Now this issues is the creame of the cream of my problems. When I tell her my opinon on stuff like today when say in a lower voice than usual "It would be funny if the kid went to ManlyMouseShoes and said 'Daddy'" (when I say funny I usaually mean messed up. This counts). ManlyMouseShoes asmits he would kick the child in to face. She starts to bring up the issue with the mother of the child. Or when I'm writing a story and i want her opinion on a topic I know she nows more than I do. She will help me but then will tell EVERYONE about my story and give away major spoilers. (Does not know how t oexplain things with excerts. has to give away every detail. Then goes around and away from topic then anwser the question).

I am surrounded by perverts. ManlyMouseShoes wants to buy a Playboy of Marge on the cover and Obviousditz agrees...well thinks its awesome.


Anonymous said...

Me tinks me might know who Obviousditz is... teehee. But maybe I'm way off.