Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh well

Sooooo Darkpanic believes my mother does not like her because she will not allow me to come over to her house. My mom wants us to meet at a public library instead of my house. (for some odd reasonm our wireless router is not working). However my mom is a causious and paranoid person when it comes to me. She is okay with my brother haging out at his friends houses for hours at a time but with me who asks days in advance have to be intergated. You maybe thinking that my friends could be hoolins. In hight school my friends are all on the honor sometimes the princple's List (All As), no dicplenmnary record, don't drink or smoke, have common sense (execption for a few) and repecrful. I want to know why my brither is getting special treatment in this issue. Well my brother does talk about his friends a lot infront of my parents...I do not because they would think their jokes are inaporperate or don't get it.

I want to confront my mom on it but I...uh...convert to my old habbit of shuting up and letting the subject die. I hate it when I do that!  Ugh it never helps me because I then have all this bent up issues that need to the burst out. sigh uncool


Anonymous said...

I know she doesn't hate me. lol I just think she is clinging a little too much; the bird has to leave the nest eventually.

CynicalNitakins said...

you're right I just need a way to convince her because all of my previous efforts have failed.