Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inner Demons part 1

I hate people always have.They have such a self-righteous and dumb ass attitude that deserves a punch in the face. I can not walk pass people with out feeling paranoid. This occurred to me a while back when I was walking pass a group that apart of their laughter is about me. I decided to change my usual route that day to cut time. I take that route because I HATE walking pass (wow I'm using pass a lot...maybe I should use a thesaurus) people. I become paranoid whenever I pass the first second and third time if they do not laugh or become silent when I arrive.

That day I walk and there are more people than I expected. I went to enter the building on my usual route but there are two guys at the door so I go the short way. There they were all grouped together laughing then I walk pass and I see a girl with gray eye with a hint of green. I rarely have the chance to meet people with those eyes so I stare at them. Then she makes this joke that i stared at her because she was about to laugh. Them her cronies laugh. I am disappointed and hurt by my fellow shades.

Well that concludes part one of Inner Demons I hope you like my first blog. Even though it is an unhappy one. I was going to put to an introduction but that's too much work.