Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fable II Day 6

*Contains possible spoilers*

*Mature content*

Yesturday I played Fable II and you will not believe this bullshit! Keiran decides to divorse my ass. I get 100 evil, apparently you get more evil point from divorse than killing your spouse. Mary is put into child sevices and I'm stuck with my devil child Becky. I just started the game and this mother fucker divorse me! I'm providing all of the Damn money in this relationship. I even bought another house which cost me $13000! I tried to move us in and we get married twice! When I had a free house for the ofucking Demon Door at Oakfield. I bought expensive funiture for the house. When he wants sex (in the family tab it lets you know when you spouse wants sex) and I give it to him. (He enjoys it a lot) I visit almost every two or three days. Why people why would he devorse me! Does he love me? YES. Does he think I'm attractive?  Hell Yes (complements my clothes all the time). Funny? Sometimes...

My characacter has a variety of admirerors. Just about every man a woman in each town or camp I've vistied wants me. I am Celebrated in Brownstone, Oakfield, and Old Brown Town and Famous at the Gypsy Camp. You know what forget him! I should have married Adam (the guy who killed himself when I gave him the regetion note). I can find someone else. However all the other middle class guys are OLD, demanding, jerks or gay. This sucks.

It does not help that I my demon daughter thinks I'm scary. I am at a lost I try to change my clothes and into nicer clothes and she thinks I scary. I do the chicken expression, she laughs but still thinks its scary...I learned bought an new expression Sock poppet! The people here think its hilarious. So I try that had it helps but she still thinks I'm scary. I also learned the finger which I have yet to use.

So the bounty hunter job is open and I complete a job the next job I accidently use my blade spell on a person because I forgot that pressing the same button closes things but I press B. A bell rings I ignore it because I need to kill some beeltes in a persons cellar. After I do that a guard runs to me and says "I got you now." I'm like what for? Apparently the means I'm being chaced by the guards...I thought it was for the beetles on the lose. WTF.  I have the option to pay a fine, community sevice, or resist arrest. Community service is what I choose I have to kill some beetles. Not cool.


Angel said...

Just checking to see if this works! And I played Fable II a little but Kensei has the game at his house so I won't be playing anymore until I move to TN.

CynicalNitakins said...

I must warn you Angel that when playing the game you will be infected with the obsession to check on your family and the productivity of your businesses. Also BEWARE of the Castle I hear it eats spouses.

Anonymous said...

What kind of game IS this!? Weird! And I finally read this. Happy?