Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fable II-Day 3 Finding love

*May Contain Spoilers*

I mean it!

Since I cannot go anywhere form Oakfield I talk to the bridge builder. Apparently a gang of Bandits (again, Dammit!) have control of the bridge and its up to be to get ride of them. When I finally get to them and fight automatically starts. They have guns and swords...I have a mallet, crossbow, mmmaaagic and Avani. Guess who wins I do! Where's their leader? Figures he ran other side of the river. "My names Dash you caun't catch me cause I'm the fastest man in the world." *runs* son of a...get treasure from build then I run after him. I'm barded by more groups of his minions (I used my mallet and magic to get rid of them) When I finally get to him he is no a long stone bragging "Your stupid dog can't" *shoots crossbow* Dash dies. I get the chess behind him Bandit clothes!

I go back to the builder finish mission. Bridge is fix and I can get out of here. I go to the gypsy camp and I rent out sleeping quarters. Then back to Bowerstone. I do a few mission and I work as a black smith for money at night. then I flirted with a few men...and I really like Kieran Househusband. He's  middle class (bottom picture) brave...and...uh something else. I don't want a poor man look a the picture below. A rich man wants the most attention. A merchant will be the most useful but I only met one. What to do. I'm going to wait until I have more money right now I have $8,000+ I want over $30,000.