Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spirits and Sleepovers

It seems that Dark Panic (I tend change the way its spelled because I forget) wants to have a sleep over in a few weeks. Now you all know how my mom is when is come to sleep overs. Review: She hates them. Now I think I can manage going if I raise the issue into a family discussion. My sisters and brother will input the fact she lets my brother do more than me and I'm older. Maybe just maybe a tiny  spec of hope that this method will work.

Now at the sleepover DarkPanic wants to play a wedgie weegie board. WTF DarkPanic! Do you not know what happens when you mess with those things! All Hell breaks loose. I need to ask her how many of the non white females are invited. I have to know this because women of the darker complection die first or are the only ones to die in this situation. Now I am of this category so i would like to know how many so i can calculate my slim chance of survival. Yesturday Oblivousditz finds out about this but thinks its cool. Am I the ONLY one who knows the equaltion and freaking out about it? No Laptopnamer agrees with me on this one. (Thank You).

Today I am giving her the RULES we HAVE to FOLLOW when shit hits the fan:
  1. I will not enter a room FIRST.
  2. I will not enter a room LAST.
  3. I will not investigate any suspicious noises or go looking for a fuse box.
  4. And you will not, under any circumstances, leave me by myself without a weapon of some sort.
~ Burton 'Gus' Guster (Psych) paranoia


Angel said...

First off I LOVE PSYCH!!!! and I am curious about what will happen! Does SkinnyAsian count as a non-white chick? She will be there too. I promise I shall investigate every noise in the other room for you k?

Just wanted to let you know my random word image is disaster.... should I be worried???

Anonymous said...

Okay... first of all, who is Laptopnamer because... DOES NOBODY RECALL THAT I'M THE FIRST PERSON TO ADMIT TO NAMING MY LAPTOP!? Secondly, I TOTALLY LOVE PSYCH TOO! ^_^ Third, it's spelled ouija, like on the picture of the board you have, not weegie. lol
Don't worry so much... it's a small house and the parentals are there. Also, I am aware that Hollywood tends to make the "darker compection" people die first, but that's because Hollywood tends to make them stupid. You're not stupid. You'll be fine. lmao But we'll follow your rules anyway.

CynicalNitakins said...

1. Where in Asia is SkinnyAsian from?

2. Laptopnamer is known to name OTHER people in The Group laptops.

3. For the picture, sigh, I know it says Ouija but I did not know that was how it spelled. I thought it was a brand name not the board.

4. I don't like to take chances especially when my life is on the line...and others.

the cupcakes said...

hell no to ouija BOARD.