Friday, October 16, 2009

Fable II-Day 1

(The one in pink shirt is what she looks like as a child)

Yesterday I began to play a game I borrowed which is in the title...sooo I have to say that I'm starting to like the game. I choose a girl since Ima girl why not and you did not have that option in the first one. (I played that one but I got stuck so I let my brother help me and he took over after that). If you do not know what Fable 2 Fable II ( that looks better) well it is in a uh adventure RPG (role-playing game) where you make decision that effect the course of the game. Like Good and Evil have brutal strength use magic, get married have kids, get married again to someone else because you hate your spouse and you child is a dumb ass. The dark side is tempting but I know in reality I will be on the good side.

(Not her, game artwork, but what I want her to look like this)

Right now I just finished the childhood stage where I got shot out of a window of a castle (some how manage to survive). Remember kids never ever ever EVER go into a castle in the dead of the night and your dog is barking at the man who is to lead you there, you will get shot and thrown out of a window.  I also completed I think 2 missions (Had to stop because family wanted to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta ugh). Apparently a merchant is in love with my character have yet to decide if I want to marry that guy later on in the game. OMG How could I FORGET  my dog companion which I named Avani- earth (meaning if you did not know). I have obtain the power of force push (cheapest spell and original I must add). My brother thinks George Lucas should sue. And upgraded my toughness-health. My current mission involves me to kill a Bandit leader. Before that I was in a cave killing large beetles, CAN'T teach Avani to FIGHT yet but she can FIND TREASURE and FETCH.

What a huge gap! I go from killing beetles with my rusted longsword (I want a katana) and rusted crossbow (eh I can live with that but a blunderbuss would be cool) to killing Bandits terrorizing the towns people. And I just started the game...I'm gonna die.