Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fable II Day 5

Okay it is Fable time!

*Contains possible spoilers*

So I did some research on my current Marital problems in the game. The forums say that Fable II suffers several glitches on marriage. I also now know that my children will grow up after I complete some missions. Alright boefore I do that I bought the jewelry vender propety and some blacksmithing. Then I went back to the temple of light. The Abbot wants me to escort his daughter (Darkpanic says I suppport Breast cancer...wait Breast Cancer awareness) in a cave to get a vase of holy water. I meet his daughter (forgot her name) who is singing.  It took me ahile to figure out that I need to walk arcoss the rock fense. After she finishes we enter the cave and she will not shut up! then when we travel to the center there are three doors where the water is collected. First gate we see lights at the ceiling and she like aren't they preety they say they use to be lost souls...I think Ah hell...those souls are going to turn on us when we get back. And they do. I defeat then and go through the second with no problems however the third. I took them out and they decide to throw me a curve ball and have a HEADLESS hollw man WTF.  That thing was kickin my ass but I won in the end. When get there apparently this bandit...bad...evil thing is attcking the Abbot. The girl runs off to he father evil amn kills him she kills the bandit cries. Have funeral and get 1000 renown and an ally she now changed her name to the Hammer.

After that I do some wood cutting (no other jobs available). Vistit Keiran and accidenlty have another baby her names Becky and she hates me...Then I do aother mission where I have to fight more hollow men becasue the two idiots decide it would be cool to raise the dead. Things get out of hand and I clean things up...Do anything main mission and watch a man die becasue fire in the way. BARTENDING  job is open I try it and its boring but very easy. If you mess up you have th pay for it.