Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fable II-Day 2 part 1

Now onto a happier note Fable II! *spoilers* Yesturday I played Fable II. The lass thing I was about to fight a group of bandits...I SURVIVED, oh yeah, I didn't die. When I fought them their leader kicked Avani and sent her flying! Can you believe that asshole kicked my Avani!? I took out my crossbow and I shoot my several times while charging at me before he swung (I advise you invest in toughness and a spell) I tried to block instead I got hit in the face. So I thought well maybe blocking does not work on this guy which would seem odd for the first boss to have a ability like that because usually the first boss is relatively easy and has zero special abilities. I did not noticed that you have to purchase the block ability only after I defeated him. After that Bowerstoneis open to everyone!

Here is the market place where you can buy clothes, food, beer, jewelry, weapons, books, furniture, potion, hairstyles, make up, and dyes.

The blacksmithing job opens up so I try it out and its not fun you have fo hit the hammer fie times to make ONE sword. If you want time to pass bye I suggest you do this job. It took me two days in game time to figure out I had to talk to the blacksmith to buy weapons. Who would have thought that! I bought...a ...KATANA and a MALLET. Then I bought some clothes and gambled at the bar which I owe $314. I changed my hair to pigtails, hated it went back to ponytail. Then I found treasure bought books for Avani and me. Then I continued on my mission. Entered my hometown on the way which has vastly improved. Thanks to me *bows*. I moved on the bridge is broken so I had to dive hundred of feet into the river, swam ashore where his man's child is lost in Hobbes Cave where I had to fight you guessed it Hobbes.

Once I got out of there I made it into the next town. Unfortunately the shops just closed so I did the wood chopping job which sucks. (I do not want to get into detail...just don't do it). When morning arrived the shops opened and I went to the tailer who sold condoms. I forgot those are in the game, so I bought some. You can never be too careful.