Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Lately I have not been active in my blog. To be honest I am not so trilled to create my fabulous entries. The reason behind this is very FEW people have been replying to my blog. I asks DarkPanic to read my post on my divorce from Kieran (asshole) who does not want to read it because "It deals with Fable" yet wants ME to READ and COMMENT on her blog. I say FUCK that shit, DarkPanic I am not reading and commenting on your blog until you read Fable II Day 6. Look I was kind enough to give out the link.

Today I ask my mom has she talk to dad about the sleepover. She said no but she will everyone cross you fingers and wish me luck!


Angel said...

see I love you and comment!! My fingers are cross for you to be able to go to the sleep over!

CynicalNitakins said...

Well the thing on that is my mom did not talk to him after I asked her several times. The next morning I asked my dad if they talked about it and he says they did on Sunday. I was surprised by the news that I forgot to ask how did it go.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough.