Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fable II Day 7? part 1

*Contains spoilers*

Right now at this point in time I am not in good terms with Fable II. Ever since Kieran divorced me things have been going down hill. Not only does my daughter believe I am scary but hates it when I give her a thumbs up. I am tired of people following me around town. Its hard for me to get this one guy scared of me to give me a gift with having them believe I am scary or evil. Why are they following me to my house! I did not invite you get the hell out! BTY the crib is next to my bed so the baby is there when you have sex, I thought you should know that tid bit. To top that all of when I choose an new person to marry, I get married to the wrong man! How does that happen? I'll tell you.. I told whats-his-face to follow me and a dash to the other side of the town to propose. as I am trying to rise his love you me, a crowd follows so I lock on to him and propose and (i checked the name I know its right) marry me to this OLD RANDY RUDE JACKASS but he is rich...

I'll like fuck it man I'm just going to complete some missions a avoid coming back to Bowerstone. Guess what he is still engaged to me. I insult him and he likes it. WTF.

I finally do a mission with Hammer to travel to Westcliff and enter in a tornament (forgot the name). After we pass the sorry ass bandits...they throw a curve ball and have these anorexic werewolves. Another mission about a kid captured in a cave. Those wolves kicked my ass in that mission. After that Westcliff basicly a camp for bandits.