Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling People Out

Well hello there readers if my long disappearance has not scare you off then I thank you. If you are new then welcome. So today i'm really bored here in the school cafeteria. Well lately I've had little free time to continue blogging. I have time now.

Why is it that when you meet someone you begin to not like them. This person has done nothing to stimulate this distaste but this feeling is there. I wonder sometimes why I have this feeling. It does not happen all to every person I meet. Why this person?

Another thing that bothers me is when people tell others that they met for a short amount of time personal stuff...I guess for me I rather wait until someone shows their worth before I tell them this stuff. However I do have these rare occasion where I think 'why the hell not" and I tell them and sometimes it bits me in the ass.


the cupcakes said...

We all have people we don't like right off the bat.

I have several I'm not too fond of. Never have, never will. Some I've warmed up to, but... Meh.

Just don't feel bad for not liking someone. Sometimes, your gut is looking out for you.