Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bunny Trails = Calamity

Hello everyone. I've come to you in question of my sudden lack of energy. I was perfectly fine here until I went to school. Ugh. During my first class, Architectural Computer Graphics II, My eyes slowly close as my mouth gaps. In my snugh jacket I wonder why I want ot sleep? I'm so tired even now as I write to you. I want to sleep but I need to pay attention to my surroundings and get further on this project. So sleepy. Its not cool.

Anyways I was taking another trip down memory lane. I really should stop visiting that place because it makes me weep for the future. Todays children television can not compare to awesomness of the 90s. Those shows wish they were that awesome. Can someone please explain to me why change a popular show to impossible hours just to use the excuse "this show was cancelled due to low ratings." I call foul, FOUL. Then another show that is STUPID and and keep the mother frickin show on.

If you are a SpongeBob fan and sensitive to negative reviews: STOP RIGHT HERE

I do not like SpongeBob.  I really really do not like SpongeBob. That show inritates me and the mercandise increases it. I beleive that show is one of the dumbest show nickleodian has ever ever ever EVER put on its channel. I can not can not fathome why the channel is pracically the SpongeBob channel + Teen Nick. Although I know that the company is making a great profit off of it. Why am I witnessing people who old are my age buy SpongeBob backpacks which is clearly meant to children under the age of 10? People you are too old for that its not cute is not arrtactive. Its creepy and its sad oh so very sad. Tell me the logic in buy a bacapck that has 10 x less capacity when the books you carry are the size of a dictionary!

Where are my Angry Beavers, Invader Zim, CatDog, Doug, and Hey Arnold

END OF SpongeBob rant

Another one of my problems is where these channels decide to go live action. I would not have as much of a problem with these so called "live" shows were actually good like Salute Your Shorts, Space Cases, and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. My biggest problem is Cartoon Network's CN Real. WTF the channel is called CARTOON Network. I expect nothing but cartoons on this channel. Why do I see people on this channel? Unless its a behind the scenes where we see the people behind the cartoon because it about the cartoon. Just because it works for other networks does not mean it works for you.